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New Instant Countertops Estimator Application

Instant Countertop Estimator –  Boost Website Conversion by Upto 300%

The New Instant Countertop Estimator application provides simple drag and drop features to resize top pieces as well as double click to add new piece. This layout builder is very easy for the use to produce a scale drawing of the countertops in minutes.

Once the Instant Countertop Estimator is complete an email is generated to the local countertop shop and to the consumer. Both have access to the same information and presentation that can be called up for future reference.

Target SF price is passed to the estimator from the link as well as additional formatting and other variable required for routing the customer and presenting the estimator to match the style of your website.

This Instant Countertop Estimator can be linked from social media pages such as facebook twitter, google + and more. Basically anywhere you can put a link you can get customers to send you project specific details.


see in the link tech to change how the estimator behaves to your specific needs. 

Also see previous versions at  http://www.countertop-calculator.com/

Instant Countertop Estimator Solution Provided By FireUps.com Local Countertop Marketing & advertising Services.  or call 877 877 1916

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